Get a wireless solution that works.


We can install a solution that works with your existing broadband, this can vastly improve wireless coverage. Our installation is an enterprise level solution so we don't just come along and plug some range extenders in, as in almost all cases this is not an adequate solution.

External Wireless Antenna.

Maybe you need wireless for a campsite?

Using an outdoor wireless antenna or multiple antennas if required can be used to cover a much greater area. They are great for locating in campsites or any outdoor area where an internet connection is needed. They can be used in conjunction with a point-to point bridge also.



Indoor Wireless Access Points.


This solution can be installed in large houses or bulidings such as pubs or hotels, where a normal wireless router or simple range extender is not enough to cover the vast area required. It may mean that several access points need to be installed. We would conduct a wireless survey to enable us to install the correct amount needed to cover the area and locate them accordingly.

Point-to-Point Wireless.


Using our point-to-point technology, you can form a bridge between two points so it acts like a solid cable but the points are actually connected wirelessly. Providing you have line of sight between the two points this can help solve issues where you require an internet connection in two locations, but only have one broadband line.

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