To get the best out of your computer you need to have the correct software installed. We can help by making sure your have the right tools for your requirements.


Are you unsure if you should buy a Windows computer or Apple MAC? Are you confused what the difference is?

Maybe your thinking of upgrading to Windows 10 from Windows 7 or Windows 8 and are not sure of the benefits or pros and cons of doing so.


Microsoft Office or Microsoft Office 365 are great if you need to do word processing or spreadsheets. There are so many versions available that you maybe unsure of which version is right for you, as different versions don't contain all the same software. There is also free software available that can be used for word processing and spreadsheets and might be more suitable, especially if you are an occasional user.


An absolute must is to have an Anti-Virus installed and updated. There are many free versions out there like Microsoft Security Essentials AVG Anti-Virus, and a free Anti-Virus is better than none at all but a paid for solution is more recommeded and can be far more comprehensive.



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