Computer running slow? Not booting? Damaged screen?


At SCW we can quickly detect and repair any issue with your computer, drop your computer off or we'll come to you. It is our aim to fix issues the same day but in the event that you are without your computer for more than a day we can supply a temporary computer if required.

Is your computer worth repairing?


If your computer is'nt working, for whatever reason, its certainly worth checking whether its cost effective to fix your current computer or buy a new one. Although new computers are extremely good value, you still have the issue of transfering all of your data and software across and also install printers etc. to the new one. Hardware problems such as a hard-disk and other issues can be detected and fixed cheaper than you might think.

Comprehensive diagnostic checks


We pride ourselves on using the best equipment possible to quickly diagnose and remedy all computer related problems. Having the correct diagnostic test equipment added with vast experience and knowledge helps us fix issues fast, saving you money in the long run.

Gremlins in the system?


Virus, Spyware and Malware are extremely common in Windows based systems. In actual fact it is the most common reason for your computer running slow or not working the way it should. If you have ever been frustrated that the computer takes far to long to perform a task or pop-ups keep appearing whilst you are browsing the internet then its likely that you have some sort of malicious software causing the problem. 

IT Solutions to suit your needs!


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