Business IT Experience


We offer a range of IT Support Services for businesses. We take the time to understand your business and give you the most useful IT Support we can. 

Small Business Support 

Our IT Support for Small Business keeps things simple. You pay for the time you use - thats it! No expensive support contract needed. If you require IT assistance then just call, we will either resolve the problem remotely or if necessary we will visit site. Furthermore our Ad-Hoc Support can be used for any IT requirements and is very useful if you have a simple computer issue or if your entire network is down. 


Business Servers

Servers are at the heart of your IT infrastructure. They provide a centralised solution for; File and Printer Sharing, Backup and Recovery, Centralised email and more. We can install the right Server for your organisation and also offer monitoring and maintenance. If you have have a File Server installed it will help you keep your data secure and organised and will help you run your Business more efficiently. 

Business Software

If your Company needs any kind of software installation and configuration or upgrade, then please call and we will arrange to help. We can setup and configure most software solutions specifically for your Business. We can also offer any advice if you are unsure about what software to use. Maybe you are thinking of using Microsoft Office or using open source software? We can talk you through the pros and cons of various different software solutions.

Backup Solutions

You're probably aware of the horror stories that relate to data backups or (lack of data backups) e.g. when your hard-disk goes bang and you have no way of recovering any data. Its possible that the data could be recovered from a failed hard-disk, but not in all cases. This is why its absolutely crucial that have a good backup solution in place. Its very cost effective these days and with so many different options available its an absolute must. We can setup a simple or very comprehensive solution so this nightmare never occurs.

IT Solutions to suit your needs!


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