Backup and Recovery


With so many options on the market today its hard to know if you are using the correct form of backup or if you are even backing up your data at all.


We can make sure that this is no longer an issue and implement a backup solution that is right for you. Most backup solutions are easy to setup, you could have a simple manual backup to an external hard-disk or a scheduled backup to a NAS drive (Network Attached Storage). One of the best solutions available today is to use a cloud service. Using a cloud backup means all of your data is backed-up securely offsite.


Sometimes people use a pen or flash drive as a backup solution the danger of this is they can be lost easily or potentially fail. Its also worth thinking about what a backup really is? If you transfer data to an external source but it is no longer on your computer hard-drive then this is not a backup, as it has a single point of failure. To be a backup it needs to be in 2 places at least.


Its important to assess what the risk is, if your data is lost and what affect does that have on you or your business?



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